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Cooperation between ringing association libraries

The suggestion here is to find a way to amalgamate the catalogues of the major ringing society libraries.

Some of the benefits would be:

  • We csn be sure that we never go below critical mass for each individual item
  • Researchers can find out where the nearest copy of something is
  • Researchers can find out where the next copy is if the local copy has been lent out
  • It can be demonstrated that the smaller societies do not need to hold copies of everything and therefore can focus on more locally relevent material
Local Archivists

This isn't going to be a trivial exercise though. Existing catalogues will be held in different systems and have different structures. The way they have been populated won't be the same either. Putting them together will need:

  • Agreement on which cataloging system to use
  • Some volunteers to transfer records across
  • More volunteers to check this
  • A web resource to make all this accessible and user frieldly

Take a look at the Library pages here for an indication about how some of these thoughts might come together.


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