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Biographic research for ringers


Ringing has a long and rich history that a significant number of ringers wish to explore. The advice and information here is intended to help any ringer (or non-ringer) to find out about the lives and achievements of former ringers, whether for interest, for a family history, or as part of a wider project about the history of a band of ringers or ringing society. The sections are:

Before you start Some initial thoughts about why to do the research, when is the best time to do it and how to set about doing it
What to look for Suggestions for what information to collect related to people, and the organisations & places they were associated with
Where to look Details of many potential sources of information, some specific to ringers and some general, including publicly accessible sources
Search techniques Practical advice, with examples, for searching physical arcives, scanned documents, and the Web.
Exploiting the results Ways you could exploit your hard work when you have done it

 This advice can also be downloaded as a PDF document.


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