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Long Lengths and Record Lengths


Before you start on a record length

Check the rules first. The Framework for Method Ringing has these.

Where to find out what has already been rung

CCCBR Web Site

The CCCBR web site has pages linked to a database.

The Peal Records page has links to a set of reports.


An alternative source is complib. You will need to get a login to use this but that isn't difficult.

At the top of the page, click on the Reports link

This has the advantage of being up to date. It is possible that we might get new search pages set up on this as well.


Bellboard only has relatively recent performances at the moment but it may provide a good long term alternative if we can coordinate our efforts into entering old peals.

To double check, and that is worth doing if you are proposing to ring for more than 5 hours, it would be good to consult Richard Allton who keeps track of such things.


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