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BellBoard Project


Put all old peals on BellBoard

Very nearly every old peal has been published in the ringing papers, and these have been scanned, but the printing is often not of sufficient quality to allow all peals to be found by a simple search. By entering them on BellBoard, they will become much more accessible.

Very old peals are only recorded on peal boards so BellBoard would make these more wideley known.

BellBoard is The Ringing World's information gathering web resource. Once a new performance has been entered, it can be automatically sent for publication in The Ringing World. For peals that have been published in the past, that is not needed. It started in 2012 so you should only need to find the peals rung before then.


  • You will learn about the ringers who rang before you and will probably get to be regarded as something of a local expert.
  • It may reveal potential material for newsletter articles, local history talks, bell restoration projects, family history etc.
  • BellBoard entries are easily shared.
  • Once you start on the peals, you will want to find out more.

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