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Potential Problems


Felstead errors

It is always possible that there may be an error in the master list. These are rare but they do happen. In this case, let the Felstead team know. e-mail the reference from the Felstead list, a descripton of the problem and an image of the peal in the original publication.

You might find:

Dates not the same - there may have been a published correction or an annual report may have different information so maybe there is a simple explanation.

Place name confusion - This can happen where there are multiple towers with similar names

e.g. Loughton in Essex and Buckinghamshire

or there could be multiple churches in the same location with the same dedication

e.g. All Saints, Loughton, Milton Keynes and All Saints Milton Keynes Village, Milton Keynes.

Just let the Felstead team know.

BellBoard Errors

If there is already a bellboard entry and you think it is incorrect then, if someone else submitted it, try to contact them. If it is an old entry, editing should be possible.

Duplicates - Where a tower has been known under more than one name then duplicates can arise. Use the "flag as duplicate" feature:


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