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Prolific Peal Ringers

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For three centuries, the peal has been the “gold standard” ringing performance and ringing peals has ranked high among the aspirations of leading ringers. The records of peals are more complete than for any other ringing, making them an important indicator of ringing activity.

Peal ringing grew erratically during the 18th and early 19th centuries and then grew much more strongly from the 1870s, rising more or less continually to the current level of around 5,000 peals per year (apart from wartime dips). The first person to ring 1,000 peals did so in 1905, since when increasing numbers of ringers have done so, with some going on to ring 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 and even 7,000.

Bill Butler was a consultant to the Biographies Committee, and has researched the lives of ringers who have rung 1,000 or more peals. His articles are published are published progressively in The Ringing World. Those listed below have already been published – more will follow.

This page shows the list ordered according to when each ringer reached 1000 peals.

1000th date
Peal Total
ForenamesSurnameThousandth Peal DateBiography Image Scanpdf version of BiographyProlific Peal Ringer pdf
Francis EdwardRobinsonAugust 9, 1905 Biog Biog
WilliamPyeDecember 16, 1911 Biog Biog
Isaac GShadeApril 26, 1913 Biog
ErnestPyeMarch 27, 1915 Biog
GeorgeWilliamsSeptember 16, 1922 Biog Biog
FrankBennettDecember 27, 1924 Biog Biog
George RobertPyeApril 9, 1927 Biog Biog
JamesGeorgeOctober 6, 1928 Biog Biog
Alfred HenryPullingJune 7, 1930 Biog Biog
KeithHartApril 6, 1931 Biog Biog
James EDavisNovember 27, 1933 Biog
William HFussellSeptember 13, 1934 Biog
John HerbertCheesmanDecember 17, 1935 Biog Biog
JamesBennettJuly 24, 1943 Biog
Charles ThomasColesJuly 24, 1943 Biog Biog
ErnestMorrisAugust 28, 1947 Biog Biog
Harold JosephPooleDecember 11, 1952 Biog Biog
George ErnestFearnSeptember 2, 1953 Biog Biog
Charles WilliamRobertsNovember 19, 1953 Biog Biog
Herbert EAudsleyApril 18, 1955 Biog

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