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A JavaScript prototype search page was first developed by Paul Johnson. This introduced the main direction of such search tools and performed quite well. The next stage in development is to develop a client – server version where the bulk of the information, and interrogation, are on a central web, or data server with the user only needing to access a tiny amount of data.

These pages demonstrate a number of alternative search approaches using an MS Access database and an asp .NET interface.

Searches split into two broad types:

  • Bookshelf searches – search for information easily visible on the front of the book
  • Index searches – search for items included in the indexes of books

For most books, identifying the author or editor is straightforward. Some books have minor contributors, these relationships are being developed in the database. This will help the search process and also allow some analysis. The search will show all items where a particular author is recorded.

This is essentially a “bookshelf search” so you need to know that there is something to find and what you are looking for. It will indicate if the Library contains what you have asked for. You still need to look at a physical, or scanned, book to see real content. It is hoped that these pages will ultimately contain a link to show which Guild / Association libraries also contain specific items. This may raise awareness and prompt new use of these valuable resources.


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