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For publications containing an index, especially those outside copyright, the database can contain a copy of the index items and page numbers. This search is much more likely to identify where a particular piece of information might be found within the Library than the bookshelf searches.

The quality of indexes is quite varied, however. Many publications, even modern ones, have no index.

This search can take advantage of the work that The Whiting Society and the Friends of the CCCBR Library have done to scan a number of old ringing books. The database allows this search to link to actual pages.


Note that, in this prototype database, The Ringing World contains items beginning with A to C only and pdf copies of The Ringing World are not yet available on-line after 1969.

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These are publications having index information transcribed into this database.
PUBLICATIONAmong the Bells Edited by Canon T L Papillon. De Luxe Edition
PUBLICATIONAmong the Bells Edited by Canon T L Papillon. De Luxe Edition

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